The Most Expensive Pixel On The Internet - Own it for a month!

Total spent on pixel : $775.31 (Target $1,000)
Last winner spent : $710.00

What is this site all about?

The highest bidder gets to place a link to their site on the pixel for one month.

Is that it?

And they can provide alt text for the mouseover.

And that's really it?


How long does the link stay?

A minimum of 1 month and perhaps a little bit longer.

And then?

The next winner gets ownership of the pixel.

Will my link be retained anywhere?

Your link will be forever enshrined on the Winners page.

Why would I want to bid?

Yours will be the exclusive ad on the pixel - instead of being one ad in a sea of a million pixels, no other ads will be displayed other than yours!

Plus, the more you bid, the more publicity this site will get
- the more publicity, the more hits on this site
- more hits on this site leads to more hits for you!