The Most Expensive Pixel On The Internet - Own it for a month!

Total spent on pixel : $775.31 (Target $1,000)
Last winner spent : $710.00

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"What? Another crazy idea making squillions of dollars?"

That's what I've thought one too many times.

I've spent a long time in the IT industry - making a reasonable wage to support my wife and 3 kids.

I've even written some semi successful software - programs that people find really useful!

But nothing that's made me zillions of dollars.

Then along comes another simple internet idea - the milliondollarhomepage.

"Argh! Enough already. Ok, I've gotta come up with a silly idea!"

And so, after some days of brainstorming, I thought "why not take this pixel thing to its logical conclusion."

And here it is, the most expensive pixel on the internet!